Recipes with Ingwerer

Traditionally Ingwerer is being enjoyed as a shot. But the ginger liqueur is also an invigorating element for cold and hot drinks. For inspiration see the recipes below.

Ingwerer Drink Bern Mule Rust 1600X900Px 150Dpi Ingwerer ginger liqueur
5 cl Ingwerer
2 cl lime juice
2 dl ginger beer
Fresh mint leaves
Slice of orange

Illustration: Eva Rust
Drink Glingwerer Ingwerer ginger liqueur
1 dl fruity red wine
4 cl Ingwerer
Heat up with cloves and a cinnamon stick

Illustration: Eva Rust
Drink Moschterer Ingwerer ginger liqueur
Heated apple juice

Illustration: Eva Rust
Drink Minzerer 2 Ingwerer ginger liqueur
Mint tea

Illustration: Eva Rust
Drink Miss Barista Ingwerer ginger liqueur
4 cl mandarin juice
4 cl Ingwerer
Heat up
Beat until fluffy
3.5 cl espresso (Rosso e Nero)

Illustration: Eva Rust
Drink Mugishoga Ingwerer ginger liqueur
6 g Mugicha tea
3 - 4 juniper berries
Pour 5 dl water at 100 degrees
Infuse 4 min
Add 6 - 7 cl Ingwerer

Illustration: Eva Rust