Peppes idea

One day, Peppe had an unusually fresh thought nestled somewhere in the blur of his mind. Ginger! And handmade liqueur, made from the root of all roots.

You could say he didn't see the buzz coming, but it was bound to happen that only a few years after Peppe started experimenting in his home kitchen, people all over the world would want to learn more about the drink that was born in the swiss capital of Bern.

Over the years, the kitchen may have become bigger. But it didn't change anything - Ingwerer is still 100% handmade. And Peppe continues to use only the best ingredients: pure swiss apple juice, the tastiest spices and organic asian ginger. All this to make sure that Ingwerer keeps its strong and unique taste.

You can drink it pure or mixed, chilled or warm, shaken or stirred – but it's always best drunk in good company and responsibly!