How to show us your #ingwererfaces.

  • be at least 18 years old
  • grab a bottle of ingwerer - and maybe some friends
  • be sure your (super) slow motion camera is oriented towards and close to your face and ready for your emotions: you can find one nice example below
  • enjoy!
  • to make sure we get all your #ingwererfaces, post your movie...
    • best on your profile on instagram - if it is public: with #ingwererfaces
    • your profile on facebook - if it is public or you switch this post to public: with @ingwerer
  • if you are not that social or as a last attempt:
  • be aware that we may repost and share on our own social media channels, and of course it will appear on the website
  • have fun! :)

And as a little extra the best movie gets awarded aaaand you may visit the ingwerer hometown Berne, some barhopping with and stories of our founders included!