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Ingwerer Zutaten Bio Vegan

All organic, of course. As well as vegan.

Fresh organic ginger, unfiltered organic apple juice and organic raw cane sugar. Any more organic and it would grow on trees. 
Our blend of spices is naturally organic, too, and really takes it over the top. The mixture is – well, we’d actually rather not share. A liqueur needs its little secrets.
And if its organic pedigree weren’t enough, Ingwerer also has the vegan seal of approval.

Herstellung Handgemacht

Handcrafted – we do things right

For our Ingwerer, we carefully prepare the ginger by hand, smelling each root before it gets added to the apple juice and spices. Now it’s time for the maceration process. What a word! The brandy blend rests until the ginger thinks, ‘Plant cells, open up!’ and BAM, it releases its magnificent flavour. After the bottles have been filled, we manually seal each one individually. Mindfully rather than mechanically.

Kulturelles Engagement

What else makes Ingwerer special?

We bring different cultures together with our liqueur – and it doesn’t stop there. We actively support the arts scene, particularly musical projects. Why? Because music is another comfort that has brought people together for centuries. And we’d like it to stay that way.